About Pubu

Founded in 2010, originated from Publish Urs (yours), Pubu is an eBook platform created by a dedicated young team with dreams to create a unique eBook platform. Providing a simpler and friendlier environment, it allows everyone to publish their works on this platform without the limitations of the past and to achieve the ideal goal of "Publish Urs (yours)" for all.

Pubu Services

This open platform combines the creative writing skills of individual writers and the role played by publishing houses to provide excellent service and experience.

Great channel for publishers

Pubu offers writers/publishers a great eBook sales channel and provides an easy eBook publishing platform. Writers/publishers can upload their eBooks on the platform in as few as three steps, and consumers can instantly see them, buy them for immediate income for writers/publishers. Writers/publishers can even publish a free content to gain a rapid popularity from consumers.

Find what you love to read

Pubu offers a wide range of free/paid electronic content, whether it is for fiction fans or comics fans, or for an office worker or a student, just find what they love in Pubu. Consumers can read eBook either by browsing Pubu online, or download Pubu exclusive apps for iOS and Android for mobile devices, or download them to their own e-readers, so that the convenience of eBooks can really be brought into the consumers' lives.

Five Pubu Features

Open Platform

Everyone can publish as a writer with aspiration.

Quick Placement

There are only three steps to publish your work in less than three minutes, no more trouble about file conversion.

Secure cash flow collection service

The buyer peace of mind, the seller worry-free.

Standard eBook of EPUB

Not limited by devices, whether it is an e-reader, cell phone, tablet, or computer, EPUB supports all.

Your price you decide

Most profit share to the writers/publishers, better than all other publishing services.

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